BA #Lookup

This is such a brilliant advertisement of British Airways. With the slogan of “ More Flights to More Destination”, people can be easily attracted by the digital billboard. I was totally amazed by the technology and the ideas behind this AD. The strategy of setting this AD with the match of different airplanes are pretty creative. It contains not only messages they want to send but also some interaction and entertainment elements for audience to watch. The combination of technology and ideas can always surprise us.

One World, One Race, the Human Race

Nov 20, 2013

This following performance art piece explores the use of language and the issue of miscommunication during social situations.We have invited 9 people from different countries to experience a foreign language. Participants are required to read a sentence in their native language and another participant must try his/ her best to learn the language on the spot.Audience will be able to see the contrast between a native speaker and a new language learner. This piece demonstrates the issue of miscommunication and language barrier.Non-native speakers may struggle to communicate what they want and audience may be confused about the message being communicated. Produced by: Jue Wang, Michi Nakashima, Nicole Lee.

We Are the New Creatives

Nov 19, 2013

This is the TV commercial of Adobe Creative Cloud, which impressed me a lot after watching it. I love these amazing advertisements that can make you feel like “Oh my gosh! I’m gonna watch it again!” They attract people’s attention by powerful ideas, awesome design, and brilliant technology. And obviously, part of their targeted audiences are creative people who are using Adobe softwares, while part of audiences are the people who are inspired by this advertisements to learn more about creative process and those softwares as creative tools. It reaches people easily with so many charming colors and brilliant ideas.

Appropriate or Not?

Nov 16, 2013

When I was chatting with my friend before I came study abroad in the United States, he asked me a question. “Why do you want to study abroad?”“I want to learn about advertising. I love creative advertising instead of the annoying ones.” “Annoying ones?” ” Do you remember the advertising of Hengyuanxiang? I can’t believe how could they produced such a commercial without creativity. Just kept repeating Chinese zodiac for minutes.” “It was successful, right? At least you remembered this commercial.”

The message I received for the first time I watched it was there must be something wrong with my TV. After thinking about my friend’s words, I realize there were not right or wrong for advertisements, but only appropriate or not. There are always targeted audience people are trying to approach. It’s appropriate as long as they send the message to people who they want. And I firmly believe it’s the same for designs.

You’ll Never Know Unless You Try

Nov 13, 2013

John Lewis ‘The Bear & The Hare’ - The Making Of from Blink on Vimeo.

I love watching animations and the making of animations. By watching the making process of animations can always answer my question about”How could it be so awesome!” I have to say you’ll never know how hard it is to make an animation unless you tried to make one. The complicated process of it shows how much people have done to make such an amazing one. You will never know how happy you are unless you tried to finish one animation. That’s the power of doing it.

How Many Photos Had My Camera Taken?

Nov 11, 2013


This is a data collection about me. I started taking photos since four years ago. I carried my camera with me all the time. Recording the beauty of nature, people, and moments inspired me to taking more and more pictures. Once I was asked, ” What kind of photos are you taking?” “I just took whatever I like.” I will bring my camera with me to travel more and more countries to explore unknown and experience the different but amazing culture around the world. I am always on the road for more adventures and wonders. 

Fashion Show with Google

Nov 8, 2013

Fashion Show with Google from Robbin Waldemar on Vimeo.

This commercial is from a campaign named ‘Google and more’ in Japan. “Sort by color” and “Similar images” are the two features of Google Images Searching. Directed by Kosai Sekine. “You can do more with Google than you imagined was totally expressed by the surprised laughings from these four girls. It easily attract girls’ attention with the background music, which is so nice.

The Jazz Singer

Nov 7, 2013

I watched The Jazz Singer (1927) this week.

The Jazz Singer, produced by Warner Brothers in 1927, considered to be the first Hollywood motion pictures with synchronized dialogue sequences. This film, serves to be the milestone of film history, provided us a story about Jakie Rabinowitz (Al Jolson) who is a jazz singer born in a Jewish family with tradition of being cantor who leads Jewish congregation in prayer. The main conflict is his career, which means more than everything for him as a Jazz singer while his father believed strongly that his destiny is to be a cantor. With diegetic sound tracks, The Jazz Singer was presented with more narrative and emotion information.  When we hear the music in this film we can have a better understanding of the conflict of Jewish congregation in prayer and the Jazz.

I was totally impressed by the whistle in this clip. I’m still wondering how could people whistling in such an amazing way.

Thank You Mom

Nov 6, 2013

I cried for the first time watching this video. I cried again for the second time watching it. My eyes were wet when I show this video to my friends for times. “该起床咯”, which means “It’s time to get up”, reminds me of my mom. As an international student, homesick strikes me so hard when I saw these scenes. This P&G commercial about Olympic moved me, and I didn’t even realize it’s a commercial till the last second. The background music of this commercial is also awesome, which is so powerful. And, this is the power of HUMANITY.

The hardest job in the world, is the best job in the world.

Thank you mom.